Create website in wordpress

Create website in wordpress

Website in wordpress is gradually being common as WordPress is a leading CMS in the world. It is estimated 17-20 percent of websites in the world uses wordpress. No doubt it will keep rising as the number of wordpress developers and its tutorials continue to add. Therefore, website in wordpress are being common these days.

It was initially for a free bloggers but now this CMS has evolved for very sectors from simple blog to corporate website, real estate, health, education and many more. We can now even develop a complete E-commerce website. This CMS system has extended the sectors from simple website development. These days developing a website is not a big issue. We are at the age where we do not need to learn programming language for website development.

Develop website in wordpress

We can now find hundreds  of tutorials in youtube to develop a website in wordpress. We are only 3 steps away from developing a website.  First decide the domain name for and register.Then get a web hosting company to provide web space for your site. Once it is done, install wordpress in your server and wordpress theme. Both latest versions of wordpress  and varieties of wordpress themes are available in  Most of the themes are available with the documentation to help you develop a complete website. For more information in website development in wordpress you can easily find enough tutorials for yourself.

There are many companies supporting in website development and providing extended features in wordpress. This has pushed wordpress into next level. The increasing number of plugins and themes has broken the dependency on programmers. We do not need to hire a programmer to add required feature. It is available for free or we can buy it online. Therefore, we can now focus on making ourselves visible in major search engines n digital marketing.

Even though wordpress has made our work cost effective and easy we must be aware for its security too. This easy availability of CMS enables easy access for hackers too. Therefore there simple things we must take care of to secure our wordpress website.

  • We must update our wordpress, theme and plugins regularly.
  • Do not keep any unused plugin in your website. If you find any simply remove it.
  • I also do not recommend to use inbuilt wordpress provided by hosting companies.
  • Properly inspect any plugins and these before your use it. It is an easy way to access your details from website.

All in all wordpress is an effective tool to enter into digital market and increase you business. These days we cannot imagine any organization without a website. It plays the role of online brochure also a virtual image of the organization. Therefore, we must have a (mobile friendly) responsive website for ourself. This is not a big deal though when we have wordpress and  free themes.

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